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The Charity BBQ & Chili Competition is a fund raiser hosted by the Firefighters Charity Alliance of Central Florida. This fund raiser helps fund our Florian Fund. This fund provides financial assistance to local firefighters enduring catastrophic crisis such as PTSD and cancer treatments. We want this event to be fun for our participants as well as everyone who comes out to attend. The popularity of this event has really grown to be a premier food competition event in Central Florida. We have expanded the event even more this year and have added several fun events as well as community supportive events. We are pleased to announced we are approved as a Florida BBQ Association sanctioned event. We adopted most of the FBA rules for our past events, so our participants will find a similar format again this year. Please do not hesitate to contact our organizer with any questions.


When entering a sauce consider the audience. While extreme hot competitions are popular, this contest is about tastes and appealing to judges and the general attendees also tasting.

The rules are simple.

Judges Entry

Contestants will enter 1 pint of a non-commercial, personal made sauce for blind tasting by the judges.

One approved non-marked container will be given per team entering a sauce from the host. The container should be filled with prepared sauce. When the container is turned in, the container will be assigned a number for anonymity  however, the judges will not see any numbers matched with team names.

1. The BBQ sauce must be homemade.

2. The BBQ sauce may be pre-made in advance, or the day of. It may be fresh or cooked.

3. The BBQ sauce may be of any kind or texture (i.e. mustard, vinegar, tomato, thin, chunky, etc.)

4. Salsas and hot sauces are not permitted - it must be BBQ sauce.

Turn in for sauces is Friday 5:30PM and Saturday 11:30AM. There will be a 5 minute window on either side of the time for turn in.

Judging will be based on Appearance, Aroma and Taste

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